Naomi L.
Naomi L.
Career Change
When you live in a city as big as Tokyo, you will face many opportunities as well as challenges. All of our TOKYOSTAY accommodations are within 5-minute walks from the major train stations. For me, at least rushing to work would not be a challenge I cannot handle!
I first moved to Tokyo in the summer of 2015, hoping to explore myself professionally in ways other than teaching my native language. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything the big city has to offer, and met so many interesting people from all walks of life. I live really close to the train station now and so it is easy to get to many of the downtown areas in Tokyo: Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya, etc.
Not only do I get to fully enjoy the bustling city life, the location also turned out to be helpful during my job hunt when I had to get to interviews in the commercial districts. On the other hand, my apartment is located in a peaceful residential area, which guarantees that I have a good rest after the busy day of work.
Kseniia K.
New Challenge
I have always been looking for something that would make my heart beat faster, and I found it here at TOKYOSTAY. Now I work with a wonderfully international staff and I meet people from all parts of the world. It is bringing new experiences, new challenges and new gains to my life.
TOKYOSTAY has so far hosted guests from 47 countries in the world. One of the biggest benefits of living in such an international community is getting to develop multiple language skills. To start, our staff members speak an array of languages, so that we are sure to serve the guests at the best of our abilities. If you want to learn and improve a specific language, you can also easily find an exchange partner in our community to practice with. In addition, most TOKYOSTAY guests are global-minded young people eager to forge meaningful bonds and share their interests. People often go out and explore Tokyo together. This way, we learn from different perspectives and cultural backgrounds. I wish to stay a part of this community for as long as possible.
Louis P.
I came to Japan as a business intern to discover about Japanese culture and the Japanese way of management. I was grateful to have found an internship with TOKYOSTAY, a start-up company that connects so closely to the local community in Tokyo.
I am very much in love with Otsuka, the place where I work and live. It is a quaint residential area in the north central Tokyo with old shops and narrow streets.
When I have time, I often wander these streets. I would find delicious ramen in tucked away spots and traditional Japanese houses telling of history they witnessed. TOKYOSTAY is situated right in the middle of it all. Our guests are able to enjoy what is still left of the old Tokyo, and the local community sees us as the window to a variety of global cultures. I am especially impressed with how TOKYOSTAY has been able to remain its international identity while cooperating with local businesses. As a result, we have greatly enhanced the communication between cultures and I am proud to have been a part of the process.
Sindy L.
Fresh Start
What could be a better place than Tokyo to start a new life in your early 20s?
The vast urban agglomeration might feel intimidating at first, but the small-unit sharehouse at TOKYOSTAY enabled me to make a transition smoothly. Now, Tokyo feels almost like a second home.
From as far as I can remember, I have always wanted to live in Tokyo – theapital city of Japan and the center of many popular cultures. I was worried that I would feel lost in a foreign city, but such was not the case. The day I moved into my sharehouse, I immediately made friends with everyone. All TOKYOSTAY sharehouses are small-unit apartments shared among up to six people.
This means that I have my own private bedroom to rest, but if I ever wanted company, I can always count on someone being in the common area to hang out. My housemates and I would often prepare dinner together, play card games, and have lengthy chats over drinks. Such warm and friendly atmosphere is exactly what I needed to feel at home in Tokyo. I am very excited for the new life I have built at TOKYOSTAY.