Stay&Tokyo as part of Tokyostay

TOKYOSTAY was founded with the goal of providing international people who come through Japan a most pleasant living experience, and yet we achieved more.

Our endless effort to provide better services and to create intimate bonds with each guest has earned us an extremely loyal customer base. Till today, we remain to be one of the favorite lodging options in the city of Tokyo.

In the years TOKYOSTAY was established as a company, not only did we accomodate guests with affordable and convenient housing environments, but we also gradually brought a community together that consists of people from all over the globe

All TOKYOSTAY properties are in excellent areas within a 5-minute walk from JR Yamanote line – the main line in Tokyo – as well as other subway stations. Located in the north central Tokyo, Otsuka gives you a quaint, old town feel when you walk among the residential streets. Guests who stay with TOKYOSTAY are privileged to enjoy the charming, traditional side of Tokyo while having easy access to the bustling downtown areas.

The rooms we offer are spacious. They are located in small-unit sharehouses with only two to six rooms each. Our guests can truly feel at home and fully enjoy the shared facilities. In addition, many of our guests form long-lasting friendship with the people they stay with. Guests would have meals together while they chat about their busy days, and they take care of each other in times of need. On the other hand, privacy is entirely guaranteed inside each guest’s personal room, and the doors come with locks so that you can feel at ease in your personal space.

By the 31st of October 2015, TOKYOSTAY has hosted guests from 47 countries. They are students, expatriate employees, staff of embassies, working holiday travelers, tourists, etc. Additionally, TOKYOSTAY owns the language lounge SPEAKEASY. The motto of SPEAKEASY is: “No nationality. No race. No gender.” This place has turned out to be one of the most famous socializing locations in Tokyo for many friendly, talented and global-minded people. With such a diverse range of guests coming into our community, each bringing something with them that is invaluable and unique – they made TOKYOSTAY who we are today.

We are looking forward to meeting soon at TOKYOSTAY.