New Challenge
I have always been looking for something that would make my heart beat faster, and I found it here at TOKYOSTAY. Now I work with a wonderfully international staff and I meet people from all parts of the world. It is bringing new experiences, new challenges and new gains to my life.
TOKYOSTAY has so far hosted guests from 47 countries in the world. One of the biggest benefits of living in such an international community is getting to develop multiple language skills. To start, our staff members speak an array of languages, so that we are sure to serve the guests at the best of our abilities. If you want to learn and improve a specific language, you can also easily find an exchange partner in our community to practice with. In addition, most TOKYOSTAY guests are global-minded young people eager to forge meaningful bonds and share their interests. People often go out and explore Tokyo together. This way, we learn from different perspectives and cultural backgrounds. I wish to stay a part of this community for as long as possible.