Fresh Start
What could be a better place than Tokyo to start a new life in your early 20s?
The vast urban agglomeration might feel intimidating at first, but the small-unit sharehouse at TOKYOSTAY enabled me to make a transition smoothly. Now, Tokyo feels almost like a second home.
From as far as I can remember, I have always wanted to live in Tokyo – theapital city of Japan and the center of many popular cultures. I was worried that I would feel lost in a foreign city, but such was not the case. The day I moved into my sharehouse, I immediately made friends with everyone. All TOKYOSTAY sharehouses are small-unit apartments shared among up to six people.
This means that I have my own private bedroom to rest, but if I ever wanted company, I can always count on someone being in the common area to hang out. My housemates and I would often prepare dinner together, play card games, and have lengthy chats over drinks. Such warm and friendly atmosphere is exactly what I needed to feel at home in Tokyo. I am very excited for the new life I have built at TOKYOSTAY.