A look into Resident life

International party at Speakeasy


We take a look into the life of our residents, to show our readers some of the different life styles of our residents and their houses. We interviewed Elisa from our share house Shiinamchi 5, to give us some insight to her life at Shiinamachi 5. Elisa has been a long term resident at Shiinamachi for 10 months now and worked as a bartender at Speak Easy bar for most of her stay. Now Elisa is enjoying her time relaxing at the share house, socializing with friends and exploring the many different sights of Tokyo. 


I came to Japan 11 months ago now; there was no exact reason for me coming here besides curiosity. The culture is very different from my own and I really wanted to explore that and embrace it as much as I could. I have previously lived in London and Australia for two years, while studying business and working as a bartender, but the experiences and memories I have had in Japan are really special, ill be very sad the day i leave. 

Elisa resident interview
Common space resident interview

How is your share house?

Shiinamachi 5 has been a great fit for me. I was looking for something that is private and safe, and gladly that is what I got. I am only living with one other person, so I was able to settle into my new home very quickly and relax in an environment that I feel most comfortable. One of the great things about choosing Tokyo Stay was having the variety to choose a house that suits my needs. With saying that, i would recommend this house to those who want the perks of living in a share house, but mostly value their privacy and space. 


I love the benefits of not cleaning; having not to spend any money on cleaning products or the effort to clean is amazing. I really like that the utilities and internet are included in the rent and does not change, the deposit was only 20,000 yen so I was glad I didn’t have to pay a full month’s rent deposit like most places. It really takes away some of the worries that you would have renting out your own place. I also like that my room has a balcony, its only small but it can be nice to look and see all the the city lights glowing in the distance, it can be relaxing. 

Balcony view resident interview
Park resident interview


My life is pretty easy going in the house and Tokyo, i spend a few nights a week working at Speak Easy bar. During the days i  love walking around the nearby parks and Rikkyo University, it is not too far away and in the autumn it is quite an amazing sight to see. There are also plenty of coffee shops to meet up with my friends if they are in the area. However, honestly some days I am happy to stay at home, I really like the privacy and it is where I am most comfortable. 


I work at Speak Easy bar just right in front of Otsuka station and it has been truly a great experience,  the people and friends I have met along the way has really made my time in Japan memorable. The atmosphere to work and to be a customer is safe and friendly; you do not need to worry about the bad things that can happen. The Japanese locals are great too, they are always friendly and willing to exchange with the other customers, and they really love to learn about different cultures.

Street resident interview
International party at Speakeasy


One of the hardest things over my time living here, is saying goodbye to the close friends I have made. You become so close your roommates and the people you meet in such a short time, but eventually they have to travel back to their home country and it never gets any easier having to say goodbye. I have traveled to many countries but never have made the connections that I have during my time here. The friends i have made and the bar staff have become like family. People always remember their time when they go to the bar. Its pretty special.