I came to Japan as a business intern to discover about Japanese culture and the Japanese way of management. I was grateful to have found an internship with TOKYOSTAY, a start-up company that connects so closely to the local community in Tokyo.
I am very much in love with Otsuka, the place where I work and live. It is a quaint residential area in the north central Tokyo with old shops and narrow streets.
When I have time, I often wander these streets. I would find delicious ramen in tucked away spots and traditional Japanese houses telling of history they witnessed. TOKYOSTAY is situated right in the middle of it all. Our guests are able to enjoy what is still left of the old Tokyo, and the local community sees us as the window to a variety of global cultures. I am especially impressed with how TOKYOSTAY has been able to remain its international identity while cooperating with local businesses. As a result, we have greatly enhanced the communication between cultures and I am proud to have been a part of the process.