Dormitory Otsuka 16

This accomodation is a dormitory located in Otsuka near Ikebukuro. The Otsuka Station is an important transportation connection point, with JR Yamanote Line, Marunouchi Line, and Toden Arakawa Line all in the area. Also,other Tokyostay tenants often socialize in the Bar & Language Lounge SPEAKEASY near the North exit. In the rooms 201, 204 and […]


Sharehouse Nakaitabashi 1

A view of the Nakaitabashi room 4

The guesthouse is located just 7-minute walk from Naka-itabashi Station from which you can easily reach such stations as Ikebukuro (7 minutes by train), Shinjuku (17 minutes by train) and Shibuya (29 minutes by train). In addition to a large number of convenient stores and cheap supermarkets nearby where you can do your groceries, there […]


Sharehouse Sugamo 2

Sugamo building entrance

Sharehouse Sugamo 2 is in a quiet residential area located less than 5-min walking distance from Sugamo station on JR Yamanote line (the main line in Tokyo). It is also very close to the famous Sakura hot spring.


Sharehouse Shin-Otsuka 2

Sharehouse Shin-Otsuka 2 is located within 2-min walking distance from Shin-Otsuka station on Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line and not far from JR Yamanote Line. It is super connected to the rest of the city. There is a large and open roof terrace, and two living rooms in the guesthouse. The roof terrace is great for […]


Sharehouse Otsuka 1

Otsuka 1 common space

Mixed Sharehouse Sharehouse Otsuka 1 is our flagship in the Otsuka area. It has state-of-the-art facilities: electronic lock, IH, motion activated lights, LCD TV with over 60 channels, etc. In addition, it has a luxurious Japanese-style garden out in the back. The location is super convenient. It is within a three-minute walk from Otsuka Station […]


Sharehouse Gokokuji 5F

Gokokuji 4F common space

Mixed Sharehouse The building faces Shinobazu avenue but it is quiet on the fifth floor because of its height. Bunkyo is intellectual and graceful area. You can have a unrestrained daily life. “Scenic residence on the hill of Gokokuji” is concept of TOKYOSTAY Gokokuji. Going down a hill, you can enjoy Bunkyo-ku : Toshimagaoka Kyuryo […]


Sharehouse Gokokuji 3F

Gokokuji 3F common space

Mixed Sharehouse This is a clean and modern Share House in TOKYO/Ikebukuro area, close to bus stops and the Shin Otsuka metro station. It’s facing a major street, but the soundproof windows reduce noise very well.


Sharehouse Ikebukuro, Shiinamachi 2F (202)

Shiinmachi 2F 202 common space

Mixed Sharehouse It’s located less than 2 min from Shiinamachi station and around 15 min walking from Ikebukuro station, which is one of the main terminals in Tokyo! The place it’s in a walking distance from Ikebukuro station (West exit), one of the biggest terminal stations in Tokyo. It takes around 15~20 minutes walking, so […]